KANAI Masanori


Career Summary

July 1991
Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
March 2010
Graduated from Nagano Prefecture Suwa Seiryo High School
March 2015
Received his LL.B. from Kyoto University
March 2017
Received his J.D. from Kyoto University School of Law
December 2018
Received his Diploma from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (71st)
January 2019
Assigned to the Yokohama District Court as an assistant judge
April 2022
Registered as a Japanese attorney and Joined Iwata Godo under the Act on Treatment of Work Experience for Assistant Judges and Public Prosecutors Temporary Practicing as Attorneys


I will handle each case earnestly, making the best use of my experience as a judge, so as to provide all clients with the best legal services at all times.


  • 2023.02
    Shoji Homu Portal

    Kanai Masanori authors a commentary "Handling SNS-Related Pranks at Akindo Sushiro and Other Companies" on the Shoji Homu Portal website

    KANAI Masanori 
  • 2022.08
    Shoji Homu Portal

    Kanai Masanori authored a commentary on the MOJ's guidance and proposed regulations on transferring ownership of inherited land to the government (Shoji Homu Portal website)

    KANAI Masanori