Our Mission

Our Mission

The members of our firm function as a team, based on a relationship of trust with each of our clients. By understanding the legal issues faced by our clients and resolving them, we contribute to their long-term and sound development.

Five Values that Inform Our Mission

1.Relationships of Trust
Appreciating that our clients seek our advice based on the relationships of trust that they have with us, we strive to further deepen these relationships through our interactions in response.

2. Long-term Relationships
Since we place great importance on the long-term relationships we build with our clients, we are able to provide legal services that lead to the long-term and sustainable development of our clients, based on our understanding of the social and economic conditions faced by our clients, as well as the historical and cultural climate in which our clients do business.

3. Problem Solving
The members of our firm, acting as professionals in each branch of law, endeavor to accurately comprehend the issues faced by our clients and to resolve them by providing clients with the best possible legal advice.

4. Sound Advice
Through a deep understanding of the client’s unique business position and the business environment in which the client operates, our firm provides advice to ensure that the client’s business activities are sound, ethical and in full compliance with all applicable laws.

5. Functioning as a Team
All members of our firm work together to provide the best possible legal advice, keeping in mind that each client is a client of our entire firm.