Tax issues arise in a wide variety of situations, including M&A, restructuring, and cross-border and financial transactions, whether in complex specialized transactions or in the ordinary course of business. We advise clients on tax issues from the planning stage onward in order to minimize tax risk, and in situations such as developing a new line of business we liaise with tax authorities to clarify tax treatment. In addition, as the economy and internationalization advance, difficult tax issues have increased in number, and there are an increasing number of cases where the tax authorities and taxpayers disagree on the appropriate tax treatment. In such cases, we represent clients throughout the entire process, from the authorities' investigation through to administrative appeals and litigation against the tax authorities.

Particularly in recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases where even at the tax investigation stage the use of a law firm has been necessary in addition to the use of a tax advisory firm, because of the different perspective of the two professions. We have been involved in many cases where the tax authorities withdrew their opinion after we submitted our opinion.

Publications Related to Tax

  • 2023.06

    Miura Takashi authors a commentary on the JFTC's release on invoicing (Shoji Homu Portal website)

    MIURA Takashi 
  • 2021.06

    Mutou Yuuki contributed to the publication entitled "Tax Law Hanrei Hyakusen (the Selection of 100 Statutes and Precedents) [the 7th edition]", which is published by Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd.

    MUTOU Yuuki 
  • 2021.05

    Noguchi Daisuke authored an article titled "Recent Trends of a Lawsuit on a Losing Betting Ticket - Consideration on the Judgement Made on November 4, 2020 by the Tokyo High Court" which appears on 881st issue of T&A master.

    NOGUCHI Daisuke 
  • 2021.03

    Noguchi Daisuke authored an article titled "Establishment of Stock Issuance System" which appears in April 2021 issue of Zeikei Tsushin.

    NOGUCHI Daisuke 
  • 2021.01

    Eiguchi Manabu, Ito Hiroki, Mutou Yuuki, Noguchi Daisuke and Anzai Kazuto co-authored the publication entitled "Handbook on Companies Act for Licensed Tax Accountants (2021)", which was published by Dai-ichi Hoki Co., Ltd.

Lectures, Seminars and Conferences Related to Tax

  • 2018.11

    Mutou Yuuki delivered a lecture titled "How to Deal with Tax Compliance Issues Revealed by Misconduct" at a seminar by Tax Consulting Firm Trust.

    Speaker: MUTOU Yuuki 

  • 2018.11

    Mutou Yuuki delivered lectures titled "Tips to Handle Tax Investigations Learned from Recent Tax Suits" and "The Latest Trends in Tax Investigations on Large-scale Corporations including Consumer Tax" respectively in the series of lectures titled “Tax Investigations from Lawyers’ Point of View” at Zeimu Kenkyukai.

    Speaker: MUTOU Yuuki 

  • 2018.10

    Mutou Yuuki delivered a lecture titled "What is Tax Compliance Now Required? - From the Viewpoint of Cooperation between 'Tax' and 'Legal' -" with Yamashita Takashi, a licensed tax accountant, at the Japan Tax Association.

    Speaker: MUTOU Yuuki 

  • 2017.11

    Muto Yuuki jointly delivered lectures entitled respectively "Tax Cases and Supreme Court - Denso Case as Example" and "Revenue Recognition and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" in a round-table conference by members of the Japan Tax Association held at the Industry Club of Japan.

    Speaker: MUTOU Yuuki 

  • 2017.09

    Mutou Yuuki delivered a lecture entitled "1. Tips on Handling of Tax Investigations Derived from Understanding of Tax Suits" and "2. The Latest Trend of Tax Investigations of Large-scale Corporations" at Jitsumu Kenshu Center of Zeimu Kenkyukai.

    Speaker: KUDO Ryohei 

News Related to Tax

  • 2022.04

    The April 4 Nikkei carried an article on the tax litigation of a major bank which was represented by Toji Yoshihiro, Matsuda Akira, Matsuhashi Sho, and Noguchi Daisuke.

  • 2015.07

    Mutou Yuuki has been seconded to Examination Division I of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau as a fixed-term government employee as of July 10.

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