TOMITA Moriyuki

TOMITA Moriyuki

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Career Summary

May 1993
Born in Ibaraki, Japan
March 2012
Graduated from Kaisei Senior High School
March 2017
Received his LL.B. from Waseda University
March 2019
Received his J.D. from Waseda Law School
December 2022
Received his Diploma from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (73th)・Registered as a Japanese attorney
January 2021
Joined Sato Sogo Law Office
February 2023 
Joined Iwata Godo


I would like to devote myself every day to become a lawyer who can accept and empathize
with whatever concerns our clients may hold and provide them with the best legal services.

Professional Memberships

Daini Tokyo Bar Association