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Career Summary

May 1982
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
March 2001
Graduated from Yokohama-Suiran Senior High School
March 2005 
Received her LL.B. from Keio University
March 2008
Received her J.D. from Keio University Law School
December 2009
Received her Diploma from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (62nd)・ Registered as a Japanese attorney
December 2009 
Joined Iwata Godo
March 2014
Left Iwata Godo
April 2014
Joined the regional bank
March 2015
Worked for the Compliance Department of the regional bank
September 2022
Joined Iwata Godo

Practice Areas


Taking advantage of many years of experiences in compliance and legal affairs at regional financial institutions, I will strive to provide our clients with legal services that cater closely to our clients.

Professional Memberships

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

List of Main Publications

・”Accountability of Branches” (June 2023 issue of Ginko Jitsumu)
・”6,000 Lectures on Legal Issues for Financial Institutions” (co-author, Kinzai Institute For Financial Affairs, 2022)
・”Business Counseling Office: Identity Verification at the time of Deposit Withdrawal” (Kinyu Homu Jijo, April issue, 2019)
・”Formats that are Useful in Offices and How to Arrange Them” (JILA Newsletter No.4)
・”Business Counseling Office: Points of Keep in Mind when Banks Perform M & A Advisory Services” (Kinyu Homu Jijo, July 25 issue, 2018)
・”Business Counseling Office: Points to Keep in Mind When Handling Real Estate Information in Promoting Loans (Kinyu Homu Jijo, January 25 issue, 2018)
・”For Active Participation of In- House Lawyers in Financial institutions” (Ginkou Homu 21, May issue, 2017)
・”Disaster Victim Life and Finance” (Kinyu Homu Jijo, March 10 issue, 2016)
・”Disaster Response and Practical Measures” (co-author, Ginko Jitsumu, July issue, 2011)
・”Trouble Counseling Handbook for Bankers” (co-author, SHINNIPPON-HOKI PUBLISHING CO., LTD., 2017)


  • 2023.05

    Sugisaka Haruna and Tomita Yusuke co-author "The Accountability of Branches" in Ginko Jitsumu

    SUGISAKA Haruna  TOMITA Yusuke 

Lectures, Seminars and Conferences

  • 2023.07

    Eiguchi Manabu, Fukasawa Atsushi and Sugisaka Haruna give a webinar at Seminar-info on "Fostering a Culture for Compliance Risk Management: Case Studies from Financial Institutions"