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Career Summary

May 1977
Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
March 1996
Graduated from Junshin Senior High School
March 2001
Received his LL.B. from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law
Worked at The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
March 2006
Received his J.D. from Hiroshima University
December 2008
Received his Diploma from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (New 61st)
December 2008
Registered as a Japanese attorney and joined Iwata Godo
May 2019
Deputy Chairman of the Companies Act Study Committee, Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
June 2020 -
Outside Director of ZEROFIELD,Inc. (Current position)
June 2021 -
Outside auditor of LEVERAGE inc. (Current position)

Engaged Cases

- Legal advice on laws including Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Insurance Business Act, and Fund Settlement Act;
- Support for shareholders’ meetings, establishment and operation of systems on corporate governance and compliance, and whistle-blower systems;
- M&A transactions, fraud investigations, liability claim against officers and directors, and disputes on management, etc.;
- Providing legal advice and handling disputes related to various commercial transactions (including IT services, system development, license of intellectual property rights, mail order sales, real estate, franchises, agency agreements);
- Handling cases of product liabilities, labor issues, information leakage and debt collection;
- Support for venture companies;
- Trustee in a bankruptcy case;
- Support for voluntary liquidation, petitions for civil rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings; and
- Providing services for persons (including inheritance, guardianship, real property, compensation for damages, criminal cases)

Professional Memberships

Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association, Comprehensive Legal Research Institute, Companies Act Study Group
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association, Comprehensive Legal Research Institute, IT Laws Study Group

List of Main Publications

"What would You Do at a Time Like This? - Q&A for a Company Officer's Responsibilities -" (co-author, Dai-ichi Hoki Co., Ltd., 2021)
“With new/former comparison table] Q&A Regarding 2019 Amendments to the Companies Act” (co-author, SHINNIPPON-HOKI PUBLISHING, CO., LTD. 2020)
“Legal Practices for Executives of Financial Institutions” (co-author, Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc., 2016)
“Q&A: Latest Handbook for Operation of Shareholders Meetings (2017 version)” (co-author, ShojiHomu Co., Ltd., 2017)
“Q&A Regarding Amendments to the Civil Code Having Influence on Financial Business Practice” (co-author, Banking Education Co. Ltd., 2017)
“Q&A on Amendment to Law of Obligations” (co-author, Banking Education Co. Ltd., 2018)


  • 2020.05

    Komatsu Tetsuya authored the publication titled "[With new/former comparison table] Q&A Regarding 2019 Amendments to the Companies Act" which was published by SHINNIPPON-HOKI PUBLISHING, CO., LTD.

    KOMATSU Tetsuya