• Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

We are still in a difficult economic situation under effects of global financial crises caused by subprime loan problems and the Lehman Shock and of ensuing European currency crisis. Various sorts of measures at national and company level are required in order to cope with such critical circumstances. At the same time, it is now commonly understood that it is imperative to coordinate with growing foreign economies in order to benefit from growth of these newly emerging economies such as the growth of BRICs as well as those of Asian countries that are gaining significance not only as production sites but as markets. The global business environments are ever changing.
On the other hand, looking at the domestic legislation, considerations are given to possible amendments that may have very significant effects on business activities and corporate structures such as amendments of the Civil Code (the law of obligations) and of the Companies Act (the part on corporate governance).

It is well expected that this period of change where economic environment as well as social value system and expectations fluctuate dramatically in an international scale is still to continue for a while. In order to respond swiftly and appropriately to any of such changes and in order to face with legal issues of any given time with most adequate personnel structure and capability, we, the attorneys of Iwata Godo, are making incessant efforts in improving our individual competence as well as systematic enhancement of the capability of our firm as a whole through sharing of knowledge, cooperation with Jin Mao P.R.C. Lawyers in Shanghai City and having participation of an attorney of UK law who has experience of practicing over a decade.

We, attorneys of Iwata Godo, take pride in our history and tradition that developed hand in hand with Japanese history as a constitutional state. At the same time, recognizing the principle that “today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s tradition,” we endeavour to make every effort necessary to provide the clients with the best possible solution in any given case. We aspire to carve out new history into the future.

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