• Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

Responding to the Ever Changing Business Environment

The severe economic environment, such as the global financial crisis caused by the subprime crisis and the Lehman shock, and the subsequent European currency crisis, is continuing, and various responses are being required at the national and respective corporate levels. Moreover, in our country, where the importance of emerging markets such as the BRICs is being emphasized as well as the need to capitalize on Asian market growth, which are becoming increasingly important not only as production bases but also as markets, significant changes in the business environment continue, as it is said that cooperation with emerging Asian countries is indispensable.

Dramatic changes are expected to continue in the economic environment and in the values and demands of society. We have focused on strengthening our organizational capabilities through sharing knowledge within our offices, as well as daily training of individual members. In addition, we have joined TerraLex, a worldwide network of law firms, have partnered with Jin Mao PRC Lawyers in Shanghai, and have obtained the participation of lawyers from the French Republic. We thus continue to enhance our capabilities in order to be prepared to handle not only the legal issues of today, but new issues which may arise in the future as well.
In addition, in order to further strengthen our services in intellectual property, we have a business alliance with Tsujimaru International Patent Office and also practice in collaboration with IGIP Iwata Godo Patent Attorneys Inc., which was established in November 2022.
Furthermore, we opened our Sapporo office in September 2023 to provide enhanced legal services to clients in Hokkaido.

We pride ourselves on being a law firm with a valuable history that developed hand in hand with Japan’s history as a constitutional state. At the same time, recognizing that “today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s tradition”, we aim to continue to carve out a new history with the mission of providing the best solutions to our clients. We aspire to continue to make history.

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